Important Deadlines

Last date of Abstract Submission 07th October 2019
Intimation of acceptance of Abstract on or before 10th October 2019
Submission of full paper 05th November 2019
Author Registration on or before
(for inclusion of paper in final technical program)
05th November 2019

The full text of the papers presented at NDE 2019 will be published by Springer Nature in the form of Conference proceeding after following due peer review procedure. The conference proceeding will be indexed for citation.

Guidelines to Authors for Preparation of Abstract and Full Text

  • NDE technologists, scientists and professionals interested in presenting their original work at NDE 2019 are requested to upload the abstract(s) of their paper(s) in any of the following suggested broad areas and topics :
    • Conventional, Advanced and emerging NDE technologies
    • Materials Characterization by NDT
    • NDE in Aerospace, Railways, Defence, Space, Automotive, Fabrication, Civil and Structural Engineering, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Bio-Medical engineering etc.
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Signal and Image Processing
    • NDE Sensors, Instrumentation, Software and Systems
    • Robotics and Automation in NDE
    • Functional and Operational Testing, Reliability and Safety Assurance
    • NDE in Corrosion Damage Monitoring
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Pre and In-service Inspection
    • Structural Health Monitoring and Ageing Management
    • Structural Integrity Assessment and Life Extension
    • Condition Monitoring and Residual Life assessment
    • Off-shore NDE
    • In-situ and Breakdown maintenance, In-situ Metallography
    • Novel NDE Methods
    • Metrology using NDE
    • Reliability and Effectiveness of NDE
    • Performance Demonstration and Evaluation
    • Multi-NDE, IOT, Data Fusion, NDE Data Analytics, Computer Vision
    • NDE education, standardization, training, certification and accreditation
    • NDE Codes and Standards
  • Abstracts should be prepared in English.
  • The abstract size is limited to one A4 page (including title, authors, affiliations, body text, keywords, etc.) and 400 words at most.
  • The abstract should comprise of a title, names and affiliation of authors along with email address and the text.
  • The abstract should be prepared strictly as per the Abstract Submission Template NDE 2019.
Download Abstract Submission Template NDE 2019
  • The abstract must be submitted in *.doc/ *.docx format only. No other format would be accepted by the uploading utility.
  • The abstract should convey the purpose of the study, experimental procedures and important findings and outcome of the work.
  • Drawings / figures should not be included in the text of the abstract.
  • Abstracts / papers previously published or presented at any national or international meeting are not permitted.

Guidelines to Authors for Submission of Abstract

  • Abstracts must be uploaded through conference website only after registration in the website.
  • If you have not created an account yet at, click here to create one .
  • Provide all the details while creating the account You will receive SMS and e-mail confirmation regarding successful creation of an account with
  • Login to your account by providing the login ID and password.
  • Click on the link “Submit Abstract” available under menu 'ABSTRACT'.
  • Fill the name of authors as per the given field. Please fill your surname in full. Fill the affiliation of author. To add more authors for the abstract, please click on the 'Add Author' button. You may add up to 5 authors for an abstract.
  • Please indicate the presenting author by selecting the radio button.
  • Please provide the further details of presenting author only.
  • Chose the preferred mode of presentation as follows. Technical committee will confirm the mode of presentation during acceptance of the abstract. Technical Committee reserves the right to change the allotted mode of Presentation and will accordingly inform the authors.
    • Short Presentation (Presentation for 6 minutes)
    • Oral Presentation (Presentation for 15 minutes)
    • e-Poster (Display of e-Poster)
  • Provide the title of your paper in 'Sentence case format'.
  • Provide 3-5 keywords.
  • Click the checkbox confirming the acceptance of terms of conditions for submission of abstract and click SUBMIT button.
  • Upon uploading the abstract, you will receive SMS and e-mail confirmation regarding the successful submission of Abstracts.
  • The status of your abstract will be shown as "Pending Review".
  • A "Delete Abstract" button will be activated against each abstract submitted. The "Delete Abstract" option will be available until the decision on your abstract is taken and the status will change to "Accepted" or "Rejected"
  • In case you feel that the submitted abstract needs correction, the submitted abstract may be deleted by clicking on the button "Delete Abstract". Upon deletion, the abstract will be removed and will no more be reviewed for consideration in NDE2019. You may upload the corrected version as a fresh submission or submit a new abstract.
  • Upon acceptance of the abstract by the technical committee, you will receive SMS and email confirming the acceptance of your submission and also confirming the mode of presentation.
  • You may check the status of all the submitted abstracts under the link 'Abstract Link & Status' available under menu 'ABSTRACT' after login to your account.
  • Once the abstract is approved, the status of the submitted abstract will be changed to “Accepted”.
  • It is mandatory that the presenting author must register as a conference delegate for inclusion of the abstract in the technical programme. To register, click on the menu 'REGISTRATION' after login to your account at
  • The link for the submission of the full paper will be activated under the same link only after acceptance of abstract and confirmed registration of the author, after which the full paper can be uploaded through the available link.

Best Paper Award:

  • Best Paper Awards will be given for each Presentation Type (Oral, Short and E-Poster).
  • Springer Nature has kindly consented to sponsor the Best Paper Award. The best paper awardees will be given the certificates from ISNT and also Coupon of Worth of USD 2000 from Springer Nature.
  • Papers will be considered for evaluation of Best Paper Award only if the Full Text is uploaded at on or before the due date of submission of full text. The full text will carry a weightage of 50% for evaluation as Best Paper.

Guidelines to Authors for Preparation of Full text

  • The full text size is limited to 10 pages
  • The full text should be prepared strictly as per the Full text Submission Template of NDE 2019.
Download Full text Template of NDE 2019
  • The full text must be submitted in *.doc, *.docx or .pdf format only. No other format would be accepted by the uploading utility.

Guidelines to Authors for Submission of Full text

  • Login to the account at by providing the login ID and password.
  • Click on the link 'Abstract List & Status' available under menu 'ABSTRACT'.
  • Please upload the full paper through the link corresponding to the accepted abstract.
  • Please note that the full paper can be uploaded only if the abstract is "Accepted" and the author of the paper must have been successfully registered for the conference
  • You will receive SMS and e-mail confirmation regarding the successful submission of full paper.

Allocation of Slots for 'Mode of Presentation' and Population of Accepted Abstracts

  • The number of available slots for each Mode of Presentation (Oral Presentation, Short Presentation and E-Poster Presentation) are fixed.
  • The abstracts will be approved for the 'Mode of Presentation' during acceptance of abstract and accordingly slot will be allotted.
  • The number of available slots for each 'Mode of Presentation' are dynamically changed and is shown at
  • The accepted abstracts are also populated at as and when the abstracts are accepted.

For any queries, please write an email to