Message from Chairman, NDE 2019

Dr. Shyamsunder Mandayam
Chairman, NDE 2019

Dear Colleagues,
An event which the NDE community in India looks forward to every year is the annual NDE conference and exhibition which is organized by the Indian Society for NDT. This event brings together the best of practicing professionals, academicians, researchers, manufacturers, service providers and students on one platform to learn, share, network and become enriched. The theme of this year’s conference is β€œeNDEavours from Detection to Prediction” which highlights the changing trends in the world of industrial inspection and will offer an opportunity for professionals to be a thought leader in driving this vision. The exhibition will showcase the latest and best-in-class products from around the world to help the Indian industry adopt and practice advanced methodologies. On behalf of my organizing committee, I extend my warm invitation to each one of you to be a part of NDE 2019 and welcome you to the city of Bangalore, officially called Bengaluru – a city known by several names including, Garden City, Pub City, Silicon Valley of India, IT capital of India, Education city and so on. Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India and has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. We are sure you will enjoy your stay and the event which is being planned meticulously to ensure each one of you returns home delighted. Looking forward to welcoming you all to Bangalore in December 2019!