Total Nos of Slots Oral Presentations : 80 Short Presentations : 30 e-Poster : 30
Allotted 137 32 19
Remaining -57 -2 11
S.No Paper No Name of Presenting Author Title of Paper Affiliation
1 CP9 Muthu GANESAN Process Control in Magnetic Particle Testing Peekay Steel Castings (P) Ltd
2 CP10 Kumar Yadav ARUN Development of Portable Wireless NonDestructive Crack Identification Method by Using GMR Sensor Array for Overhead Crane Bridges Mr.
3 CP15 . D.UMAPATHI Condition assessment of Annular plates Piping Supports with Short Range Ultrasonic Testing SRUT D.UMAPATHI
4 CP16 NITESH KESHRI Performance evaluation for Computed Radiography System in Aerospace Industry NDT Level III
5 CP17 Bharath Chandra THAKKALLAPALLY Defect Classification from Weld Radiography Images Using VGG19 Based Convolutional Neural Network JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India
6 CP18 . D.UMAPATHI Condition assessment of Sulphuric acid storage tanks Case study D.UMAPATHI
7 CP19 Saravanan T SARAVANAN An Improved Quality Assessment of Fuel pin End plug Welds using Digital Xray Radiography Non Destructive Evaluation Division Metallurgy and Materials Group Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic R
8 CP20 YADAM YUGANDHARA RAO Modelling the propagation of partial discharge signals inside gas insulated transmission line sections INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MADRAS
9 CP21 DIWAKAR DAMODAR JOSHI SNTTC1A Edition 2016 Implementation Insight Quality Services, Pune
10 CP22 SURENDRA MUNGEL NABL Certification for NDT Laboratories Insight Quality Services, Pune
11 CP24 MUGDHA JOSHI Different International Certification Schemes for Welding Inspectors Insight Quality Services, Pune
12 CP25 DIWAKAR JOSHI ASME Section V Edition 2019 Code Changes Insight Quality Services, Pune
13 CP27 Jitender YADAV Eddy Current Array for Fuel Rod Inspections and Beyond From Manufacturing to Endoflife Management Eddyfi Technologies
14 CP28 JAYARAM KIZHEKKE PAKKATHILLAM Planar Printed E Field Sensor Array for Microwave NDE of Composites IIT Madras
15 CP29 GIRISH MARUTI SHEJALE Replica Metallography Case Study A NDT Technique for Life Assessment of Gas Turbine Wheel MR
16 CP30 SRINIVASAN SRINIVASAN NAGARAJAN New Methodologies for Strain Mapping at Microscale using Digital Image Correlation Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur - 208
17 CP32 C K MUKHOPADHYAY Characterization of Plastic Deformation using Acoustic Emission during Bending of SS 304L IGCAR, Kalpakkam
18 CP33 Krishna C GHANAKOTA Numerical Analysis of Partial Discharge Source Localization using Time of Arrival Measurements and Nonlinear Least Squares Search Indian Institute of Technology Madras
19 CP34 Durgesh TAMHANE Noninvasive Detection Of Extent Of Corrosion In Steel Reinforcing Bars By Magnetic Force Measurement Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
20 CP35 Laxmikant Sarjerao MANE Study of Effect of Surface Roughness in Single Lap Joint SLJ of CarbonFiberReinforcedPolymer CFRP Composites using Radiography and Thermography Research scholar
21 CP36 HANEEF TK HANEEF Use of Acoustic Emission Technique for Leak Detection in Pressurised Carbon Steel Piping IGCAR Kalpakkam
22 CP37 VIJAYACHANDRIKA THULASI POD Studies of Axial and Radial Type Receiver Coils in Remote Field Eddy Current Technique Homi Bhabha National Institute (IGCAR)
23 CP38 Dhayalan R DHAYALAN R EMAT Phased array Inspection of Thick Austenitic Stainless Steel and Dissimilar Metal Welds IGCAR, KALPAKKAM
24 CP39 Dhayalan R DHAYALAN R Inspection of Misaligned Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds using Single Channel SH wave EMATs IGCAR, KALPAKKAM
25 CP40 AVIJIT KUMAR METYA Evaluation of Plastic Strain using Nonlinear Lamb Wave Mixing CSIR- NML
26 CP42 ROHIT KUMAR Ultrasonic Examination of HardSurfacing Overlay in Valve Body Seating Area Using Focused Beam Immersion Technique BARC, Mumbai, India
27 CP44 Andrey BULAVINOV True 3D Tomography New Approach for Tomographic Imaging and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Concrete Testing Data ACS
28 CP45 Andrey BULAVINOV Ultrasonics in automobile industry measuring or testing ACS
29 CP46 HARIKRISHNAN RAVICHANDRAN Metal Artefact Reduction Algorithm and Methodology for reducing Feldkamp artefacts in X ray Computed Tomography Images Center for Non - Destructive Evaluation, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
30 CP53 Krishna Kumar RAI Inspection of Concrete Lined Seawater Carrying Pipeline A case study Bhabha Atomic Rsearch Centre, Mumbai
31 CP58 Sujit CHAKRAVARTY Incorporation of Information Technology in The Curriculum in NDT Training to Accomplish Reliability of Automated NDT Result to Detect Key Flaws Velosi (M) Sdn. Bhd.
32 CP60 M Prasanna KUMAR Finite Element Simulation of Ultrasonic Waves Interacting with a Corroding Rebar in Concrete IIT Tirupati
33 CP63 Christopher LANE Advanced Inspection Technology for Automated NDE Applications Olympus
34 CP64 Sumedha MOHARANA Monitoring and Diagnosis of Thermal Expansion of Rails and Rail Joints Using Piezoelectric Sensor for ElectroMechanical Impedance Technique Dr
35 CP66 Manu Joseph JOSEPH Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing PAUT is an apt tool for reliable integrity assessment of aerospace parts and systems Liquid propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) - ISRO
36 CP68 CHAMANTH SAI REDDY Prediction of Failure Process in GeoMaterial Using Finite Element based Digital Image Correlation Dept of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
37 CP69 Manu Joseph JOSEPH Computed Tomography CT is an Asset to ensure the Quality and Reliability of Parts in Aerospace Applications Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre - ISRO
38 CP72 Swarnangshu GHOSH Implementation of Acoustic Emission Testing to Study the Type of Cracking in Reinforced Concrete Beams Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal- 575 025, India
39 CP73 REDDY CHAMANTH SAI Prediction of Failure Process in GeoMaterial Using Finite Element based Digital Image Correlation DIC Method Dept of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
40 CP79 NILESH BAGALE A Nondestructive Approach of Dynamic Characterization of CFRP Composite Material Subjected to Hygrothermal Ageing Indian Institute of Science
41 CP80 AUROVINDA KUMAR MITRA Adiabatic Guided Wave Propagation Through a Honeycomb Composite Sandwich Structure with Smoothly Varying Core Thickness IIT, Roorkee
42 CP81 MANALI NANDY Visual Detection of Defects in Ferromagnetic Steels Using Magnetic Nanoemulsions Ms.
43 CP82 Gopinandan DEY Estimation of Degree of Moisture Saturation in Cement Concrete Using Electrical Response at Low Radio Frequencies Assistant professor
44 CP83 Sumedha MOHARANA Pore Evaluation and Distribution in Cement Mortar Sample Using Digital Image Processing Dr
46 CP85 A Mercy LATHA Rapid Nondestructive Evaluation of Fireproof Coating Degradation using Terahertz Line Scanner CSIR-CEERI
47 CP88 Anandamurugan S Study Of Ultrasonic Weld Application using Total Focusing Method Mr.
48 CP91 Harikrishnan KAIMAL Rapid Terahertz Nondestructive Evaluation of GFRPwood Sandwich Composite using Adaptive Sampling Technique IIT Madras, Chennai
49 CP92 Vijayachandrika THULASI POD Studies of Axial and Radial Type Receiver Coils in Remote Field Eddy Current Technique Homi Bhabha National Institute (IGCAR)
50 CP93 M JANARDHANA Nondestructive test for Detection of Magnetite deposits in Stainless steel tube bends of Steam Generating stations C.P.R.I, Bangalore
51 CP95 Venkateswara Rao MUSHINI Insitu Metallography a NDE Tool for Remaining Life Assessment of High Temperature Thick Section Boiler Components 1
52 CP96 ALKA KUMARI Uncertainty in Hardness Measurement of hard faced FBR components IGCAR KALPAKKAM
53 CP97 Adesh SUBRAMANIAM Study on effect of frequency for detectability of flaw in Eddy Current NDT SSPL, Delhi
54 CP99 RANJANI JAYARAMAN Numerical Modeling of Remote Field Eddy Current Testing of Steam Generator tubes IIT MADRAS
55 CP103 Srinivasan G Quality Assurance during Construction of Reinforced Concrete Raft Using FlowingConcrete Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
57 CP109 GIRISH N GIRISH N NAMBOODIRI Improvements in quality of Neutron Radiography images of pyro components used in aerospace applications using image processing tools VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE, TRIVANDRUM
58 CP110 abhishek SAINI Improved 3D Ultrasonic Imaging of SurfaceBreaking Cracks by Linear Phased Array Mr
59 CP111 ROHIT SHUKLA Condition Assessment of ReheaterSuperheater Tubes using Internal Oxide Scale Thickness Measurement The Right Way TATA POWER
60 CP112 Subhankar ROY Non Destructive Testing of Delaminated GLARE Plate using Bicoherence Analysis and Phased Array Ultrasound Testing PAUT NIT Meghalaya
61 CP113 N.S.V.N HANUMAN Bicoherence Based Study of Nonlinear Intermodulation in Delaminated CFRP Plate NIT MEGHALAYA
62 CP114 JOEL STEPHEN Spot Weld Examination using NDE Methods EQIS
63 CP115 DEBMALYA MUKHERJEE Development of Sectored External Pipeline Inspection Gauge for health monitoring of industrial carbon steel pipelines BARC
64 CP118 DINESH GUPTA Quality Control on Water Couplant for reliable immersion ultrasonic testing first
65 CP119 Mahesh Raja P Design of an eddy current array probe for non destructive testing of thin walled stainless steel tubes Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
66 CP120 Balasubramaniam KALEESWARAN Damage Assessment for a Sandwichlike Panel using Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Guided Waves Doctorial researcher
67 CP124 Saju T ABRAHAM Characterization of Grain Size Distribution Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Parameter IGCAR
68 CP125 P. CHENTHIL KUMAR Development of Technique for Ultrasonic Testing of Small Bore Nozzle Welds IGCAR
70 CP128 Amin Peter The Capabilities And Effectiveness Of Remote Visual Inspection Using UAV Unmanned Arial Vehicle Lloyds Register Asia
71 CP131 LAKSHMINARAYANA YENUMULA Experimental Evaluation of Xray Digital Radiographic and Computed Tomographic System using an Indirect FPD for Nondestructive Examination Isotope and Radiation Application Division (IRAD), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai - 400085, I
72 CP132 Srinivas KUMAR Real Time Total Focusing Method Applied To The Detection Of HTHA And HIC In Pressurized Vessels Eddyfi Technologies
73 CP136 SANGILI GUNASEKARAN API650 Code AnnexU Requirements for Ultrasonic Examination in lieu of Radiography Unit Head- Quality Operations, ASNT Section Officer
74 CP141 Naranath NAUSHAD Design Safety Criteria for Industrial XRay Machines Used For NDT Application Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
75 CP142 SHRI KRISHNA TRIPATHI NDE of Dissimilar and Thin Weld joint during Manufacture of Large Diameter Inconel Bellows for FBR QAD-IGCAR
76 CP144 HUSSAIN EBRAHIM VASADWALA Inspection of Ammonia Synthesis Converter GNFC
77 CP146 NAVITA GUPTA Specifying the Specific for Effective NDT Trainings Satyakiran Engineers Private Limited
78 CP147 A. GHOSH Development of a Smart Sensing System to Predict the Criticality of a Component Dr.
79 CP148 KUMARI MINATI Effect of precipitates and voids on Nonlinear ultrasonic wave propagation in P92 Steel Simulation and experimental study SAHU
80 CP149 Gopi Tilak VESALA Proper Orthogonal Decomposition based Coating Thickness Estimation in Quadratic Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging Koneru Lakshmaiah Educational Foundation
81 CP151 A THIRUMALAISELVI Damage Assessment of Concrete Bridge Structures Using Ultrasonic Tomography Technique Scientist, CSIR-SERC
82 CP152 ATLA VIJAYA LAKSHMI A Thermographic System for Quantitative and Automated Subsurface Detail Visualization KLEF
83 CP153 AYAZ JHANORWALA Analysis of an Ambiguous Indication in Digital Radiography of Dissimilar Material Weld Joint A Case Study L&T MHPS Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
84 CP154 AYAZ JHANORWALA Detection of Cracks with Circumferential Magnetization in C and M Shaped Cross Sectional Parts L&T MHPS Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
85 CP155 Tarun Kumar DAS Reliability in Defect Classification and Characterization in Eddy Current Non Destructive Evaluation CSIR - National Metallurgical Laboratory
86 CP156 Sharan Srinivas JAGATHRAKSHAKAN A Comparative Study of Industrial XRay CT Reconstruction Algorithms Driven by GPU Infrastructure Lucid Software Limited
87 CP159 Mahipal SRINIVASAN Artificial Neural Network based Flaw Identification Algorithm for implementation of ADR DRDE Gwalior
88 CP161 Hrishikesh DUTTA NonDestructive Evaluation of Bolthole Components using Eddy Current Inspection Technique Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation, IIT Madras
89 CP163 Ondrej DOUBEK Automatic Visual Systems For Automotive Industry bearings Head of Sales
90 CP164 Ondrej DOUBEK Automatic FPI Systems For Automotive Industry Head of Sales
91 CP165 Akhilendra Singh GANGWAR Mixing of Lamb waves at Delamination Defect in a Unidirectional GFRP Laminate IIT Roorkee
92 CP166 Tomas ZAVADIL ASME ANDE12020 news related to new version 2020 ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
93 CP167 Tomas ZAVADIL Proficiency assessment of NDT suppliers for corporations via interlaboratory proficiency testing ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
94 CP168 Tomas ZAVADIL Detection of microstructure and stressstrain condition changes by ultrasonic testing assessment of the detection sensitivity ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
95 CP169 SUMANA Parametric study on resolution achieved using FMCTFM based phased array ultrasonic imaging RESEARCH SCHOLAR
96 CP170 DEEPAK RANA Experimental assessment of an RFID based wireless sensor for surface crack detection and characterization on metal NIT Trichy
97 CP171 INDRANI MUKHERJEE EddyCurrent Based NonInvasive Sensing of Extent of Corrosion in Steel Reinforcing Bars Rebars DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING,INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BOMBAY
98 CP172 AVIJIT MONDAL Nondestructive Evaluation of Post Weld Heat Treatment Quality of Ferromagnetic Steel P91 Weld by Magnetic Coercive Force MCF Measurement NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA), Greater NOIDA-201306
99 CP173 S KUMAR Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection of Dissimilar Weld Joints in Nuclear Facility by Experiment and Simulation Homi Bhabha National Institute
100 CP174 AYUSH GANGWAR Failure Analysis of Attemperator Nozzle in Heat Recovery Steam Generator Units Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
101 CP175 Govind Kumar SHARMA InService Inspection of Fast Breeder Test Reactor Components Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
102 CP177 R RAMAR Assessment of Performance Gammaray CT System Based on the Image Quality Scientific Offcier-E
103 CP178 ARBIND KUMAR Issues related to flaw location during Eddy Current Testing of Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubes Scientific Officer (H)
104 CP180 SANTOSH VIJAY GUPTE Need Road Map For Getting Certified To API Specification Q2 For NDT Service Organizations in Oil Gas Mr.
105 CP181 Nawal Kishor BANJARA Detection of Leakage in Pipelines using Passive Acoustic Emission Technique Mr
106 CP182 Harikrishnan RAVICHANDRAN Higher order Harmonic Generation Of Nonlinear Ultrasonics In Water Using Piezoelectric Sensor A Computational Study Centre for Non Destructive Evaluation, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
107 CP183 KUMAR RAM Eddy Current Testing for detecting Air Gaps in Sandwiched Tube Element of Reactor ShutOff Rods NPCIL
108 CP184 SUBRATA PATHAK Type Approval Testing of Co60 Based Indigenous Radiography Camera COCAM120 for Industrial NDT Applications Regulatory Perspective Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
109 CP185 MANOJIT MANOJIT SHAW Flaw Detection in PHWR Pressure tube by Eddy Current Array ECA BARC
110 CP186 GANESH BOKAM Radiation Surveillance Procedure in Industrial Radiography Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
111 CP187 M MENAKA Characterization of Vertical Cable Fires using Thermal Imaging Radiological and Environmental Safety Division,Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
112 CP188 VIKASH BEHARI An Assessment of Radiographic Image Detector Technology BHGE
113 CP189 KISHORE KUMAR GULIPILLI Laser scan of Butterfly valve for Corrosion Damage Assessment of Hydropower Plant Central Power Research Institute
114 CP190 KISHORE Kumar GULIPILLI NonDestructive Testing and Evaluation of Electrical Steels Central Power Research Institute
115 CP198 ANIS FATIMA 3D Characterization of Ore Mineral Phases Using High Resolution Synchrotron Microcomputed Tomography CT Technical Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,Mumbai
116 CP199 PERIYANNAN SURESH Ultrasonic Waveguide Technique for Temperature Measurement using T01 Wave mode NIT Warangal
117 CP202 SHIVAM SUNDARAM Development of Methodology for Quality Assurance and Inspection of Stainless Steel Filter Frames IGCAR
118 CP204 Kaliamoorthy G Development of Vacuum Cup to ensure leak tightness of Terminal pipeline weld joints in Nuclear Projects SO/D, FAS, QAD, IGCAR
119 CP205 INDRANI MUKHERJEE Phase Sensitive Detection of Extent of Corrosion Using Anisotropic Magnetoresistive AMR sensor in Steel Reinforcing Bars Rebars DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BOMBAY
120 CP206 Abhishek Kumar ABHISHEK KUMAR Development of Ultrasonic Waveguide Technique for Fluid Level Sensing using FEA Approach National Institute of Technology, Warangal
121 CP207 Goravar SHIVAPPA Automated analysis of eddy current images for crack detection using advanced machine learning techniques A Review GE
122 CP210 Rajesh ACHARYA Scheme for Gamma and XRay Based Computed Tomography Scanning Homi Bhabha National Institute
123 CP211 Rajesh ACHARYA Software Application for Gamma Ray Computed Tomography Data Acquisition with Discrete Detectors Homi Bhabha National Institute
124 CP212 Chandan DUTTA High Temperature Eddy Current Sensor for RealTime Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Engineering Components CSIR National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, India.
126 CP218 Dharmveer SINGH Industry 40 and NDT Dharmveer Singh
127 CP221 Siva Y TFM Imaging Of Thick Section Composite Materials BHGE
128 CP222 Siddharth SHANKAR Study and Comparison of Different Halbach EMAT Configurations for Ultrasonic Guided Waves Indian Institute of Technology Madras
129 CP224 Lubna Shadab KHAN Assessment of Sensitivity of Radioisotope based Radiometry Data during Inspection of Large Sized Solid Rocket Motors DRDO
130 CP225 Chris Udell CHRIS UDELL Making the Shift from CapEx to OpEx for Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Equipment Proceq SA
131 CP226 SANDEEP KUMAR SANDEEP KUMAR S R Improved Nonlinear Ultrasonic Detection of Imperfect Joint using Waveguide Metamaterial Rod CENTER FOR NDE, IIT MADRAS
132 CP227 Chris Udell CHRIS UDELL Improving ultrasonic inspector productivity with modern mobile technology Proceq SA
133 CP228 Calum HOYLE Ultrasonic Back Projection Imaging TWI Wales / University of Wales Trinity Saint Davi
134 CP229 NIVED SURESH Inspection of Friction Stir Welded Joint using EMAT Generated Fundamental Shear Horizontal Guided Wave Mode SH0 IIT MADRAS
135 CP230 NIVED SURESH Coded Excitation for Low Power Operation and Fast Acquisition in Guided Wave Ultrasonic NonDestructive Evaluation IIT MADRAS
136 CP231 KEDAR SATISH BHOPE Application of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing PAUT for NDT of Tungsten Flat Tile Type Plasma Facing Components INSTITUTE FOR PLASMA RESEARCH, BHAT,GANDHINAGAR GUJARAT
137 CP232 M JANARDHANA NDT Inspection of Boiler Riffle Tubes and Laboratory Analysis Central Power Research Institute
138 CP233 K RASINDH Corrosion Measurement on Insulated Pipes Baker Hughes
139 CP234 Thulsiram GANTALA Numerical study of Phased Array ultrasonic beam parameters affecting the FMCTFM image resolution for defect characterization CNDE, IIT MADRAS
140 CP235 Siva Y Effect of Probe Parameters on Defect Detectability Using TOFD Technique on Thin Wall Butt Weld Joints BHGE
141 CP238 DENNIS TIEN SHUNG CHAI Detecting Stress Corrosion Cracking with Eddy Current Array Technology Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific, Singapore
142 CP239 DENNIS TIEN SHUNG CHAI Building TFM Procedures for Challenging Inspections such as ERW hook crack Girth Welds HTHA and others Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific, Singapore
143 CP240 François-Côme BEAUPRé Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing In lieu of Radiography Testing for ThinWalled Heat Exchanger Welds An IntheField User Case Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific, Singapore
144 CP241 François-Côme BEAUPRé InService Corrosion MappingChallenges for the Industry Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific, Singapore
145 CP242 Shashishekhar NAGABHUSHANA Extending CT Applications Large Objects ROI Scanning and Quantitative CT V.J. Technologies, Inc.
146 CP243 Satya KORLIPARA Fast Inline DR CT Solution for Light Metal Industry with Emphasis on Automotive Applications Co Worker
147 CP253 SHYAM T V SHYAM Development of Lorentz Force Flow Meter Test Setup and its Evaluation with a Moving Brass Plate Mr
149 CP262 Jijith M Study of Tensile Instabilities Using Infrared Thermography Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
150 CP266 Chandra Sekhar ANGANI Detection of Cracks in Stainless Steel Structures Using Transient Eddy Current Oscillations Method Dept of Electronics and Physics, GIS, GIATM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam, India
151 CP267 Kshama S Degradation Studies on Helicopter Tail Rotor Blades Sandwich Structure with Infrared Thermal Imaging for Life Extension CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories
152 CP270 RESHMINA TONY Optically Excited LockIn Thermography for Evaluation of Delaminations in Basalt Fiber Reinforced Composites NIT Trichy
153 CP271 Gomathi RAMASAMY Defect Quantification of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Curved Composite through Pulsed Thermal NonDestructive Evaluation National Institute of Technology,Tiruchirappalli
154 CP272 BELOOR REDDY VEERA SHIVA Ultrasonic Imaging for Quality Evaluation of PHWR Fuel Bundle End plate to Element Welds Nuclear Fuel Complex, India.
155 CP273 Tarla MALLIKHARJUNA RAO Applications Of Thermography For Condition Monitoring Of Power Plant Equipment CPRI Experience CPRI
156 CP274 RAJAKISHORE SAHOO Non Destructive Inspection of Replaceable Tooth Flank Used in Gear Rim Applications A Failure Analysis Case Study CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar
157 CP275 Akash UPADHYAY Hydrotreater REACDSS Inspection using Advanced NDE Mr.
159 CP282 S KEERTHIVASAN Radiography Testing Of Tube To Tube Sheet Joints in Vessel for Petrochemical Industries Larsen & Toubro
160 CP283 DEEPAK RANA Evaluation of chipless RFID sensor for wireless metal crack detection and characterization NIT Trichy
161 CP284 Sharath D Signal Processing Approaches in Pulsed Thermography for Defect Characterization in Stainless Steel Materials M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
162 CP285 Dileep KOODALIL Generation of Pure Guided Wave Modes Using Comb Transduction IIT Madras
163 CP291 Pratik Ramchandra DESHPANDE High Pressure Pneumatic Testing of Pressure Vessel Praj
164 CP292 R ARAVINTH Reflection Study of Shear Horizontal Wave Modes with Beveled Plate Edges NIT Tiruchirappalli
165 CP296 Dr. Daniel Shedlock DR. DANIEL SHEDLOCK Application Tools for Improvements and Enhancements of 2D Radiographs and 3D ConeBeam Computed Tomography CBCT Varex Imaging
166 CP297 SATHEESH JEYARAMAN SATHEESH. J A Comparative Study of Plane Wave Imaging and Total Focusing in Imaging Defects GE RESEARCH
167 CP298 Puthiyaveettil NITHIN Crack detection real cracks in metalic sample at high temperature PhD Scholar
168 CP299 AMAR KAILAS BORAWAKE Understanding Basic Phased Array Beam Computation and Inspection Simulation with CIVA 2020 NDTS India (P) Ltd.
169 CP300 Dhruv GAMDHA Simulation Assisted Annotated XRay Image Data Generation for Deep Learning Applications Indian institute of Technology Madras
170 CP302 Sivaramanivas Ramaswamy SIVARAMANIVAS. R Grain Size Distribution Effects on Ultrasonic Attenuation GE Research
171 CP303 TABJULA JAGADEESHWAR Visualisation of wave propagation using Reduced Number of Samples IIT Madras
172 CP305 ROHAN SUNIL GURAV Review of Non Destructive Evaluation Techniques in Civil Engineering Assistant Professor VTU Belgaum
173 CP307 Guru Prakash SAHU Localized skin temperature measurement using two identical Ultrasound based waveguides MS Research Scholar
174 CP308 C T MANJUNATH Ultrasonic Beam Steering in Bulk Medium using GRIN structures CNDE, IIT MADRAS
175 CP309 SARATH S Methodology for ultrasonic examination of austenitic stainless steel using twin crystal longitudinal wave angle probe Larsen and Toubro Limited
176 CP310 SANGILI GUNASEKARAN GRE Pipe Manufacturing Defects Installation and NDE Requirements Unit Head- Quality Operations, ASNT Section Officer
177 CP312 SANGILI GUNASEKARAN Case Study Leak Testing Failures at Ultrasonic Valve Pit Area Gas Plant Piping Construction Unit Head- Quality Operations, ASNT Section Officer
180 CP321 C AJAY Assessment of Spurious Ultrasonic reflections from grain boundaries in SS weld joints SENIOR ENGINEER
181 CP322 C AJAY Immersion Recordable UT of tube tube sheet joints SENIOR ENGINEER
182 CP323 Shyam Sai VOTTI On Simultaneous Generation of Dual Higher Harmonics by Single Mode Excitation in Cylindrical Structures National Istitute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
183 CP325 MAYANK CHHAPRE PreService Inspection of PHWRs in India Mr.
184 CP328 UMESH CHANDRA BARABARI Thickness measurement of waterwall tube by EMAT generated shear horizontal bulk waves NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI
186 CP333 Oruganti PRABHAKAR Application Of Acoustic Resonance Technique On Metallic Materials Retired IITM Professor
187 CP334 Oruganti PRABHAKAR Multimedia Educational DVDs For Nondestructive Testing NDT Teaching and Training Retired IITM Professor
188 CP335 Anjali ANJALI P Characteristics of Acoustic Emissions generated during Rebar Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Indian Institute of Science Bangalore